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If you have a desire to play various characters and differed stories every day, then ‘Episode: Select Your Story’ is an ideal game for you. It is a fantastic choice based role-playing game, which will allow you to play as different characters, in which your decisions have significant impact on your story. Episode will let you be the master of your own fate, but controlling fate isn’t easy unless you know more about the game. So, checked out the listed below review to acquire information on various aspects of Episode game.


They are the game currency, which are needed to play succeeding episodes of your favorite stories due to the fact that just the very first episode of each story will be available free of charge. The easiest method to earn Passes is by playing the very first episode of various stories, which in turn can be invested in playing successive episodes of your favorite stories. This can be a difficult task due to the fact that even if you are not thinking about reading a subsequent story, you will have to comply for earning percentage of Passes.

You can likewise get few quantities of Passes in the form of rewards after completing specific accomplishments in the game. In addition, after every three hours, 4 passes are automatically created. If you do not want to wait to play your favorite stories then they can utilize Episode Hack, which can create the needed amount of Passes right away.


Gems are the premium game currency, which are important to unlock special stories in the game. You can even use Gems to purchase unique clothing. The only method to make Gems in the game is to receive two Gems every day as a daily login benefit. Aside from that, there is no other method to earn free Gems in the game.

To advance, players normally buy Gems with real money or utilize Episode Cheats that lets them create unlimited Gems immediately. To use the incredible Episode Cheats, all you require to do is enter the amount of Gems required together with your video gaming user id and in a few moments the Gems will be contributed to your account.

Character Customization:

In each story, you will be provided with an option to tailor your playable character as per your choice. You can tailor all physical qualities of your character, that includes complexion and hair style along with facial features such as nose, eyebrows, lips, face shape, eye color, hair color, and so on

. Additionally, you can choose these attributes or can randomize and pick a system generated character. Whatever you pick, keep in mind that you will not be able to alter the gaming character through the entire story unless you want to replay it.

Various Clothing:

Episode is a game where you can select to dress as per your choice by buying your preferred costume from the game shop. Gown to impress and dress to reveal is the main slogan of Episode game, which indicates that you need to purchase exclusive outfits for parties and dates and pick to dress up in formal or casual clothes according to the event.

Collection Of Stories:

Episode game includes a collection of thousands of stories, which you can choose and play. Each of these stories is additional categorized into various genres such as Romantic, Scary, Thriller, Crime, Drama, and so on, which assists in selecting a story based on your state of mind. The very best aspect about all these stories is that you have full control on the result of your anecdote as it alters according to the options that you make in the game.

Also, you can play and replay these stories all over once again in order to discover an alternate ending and have a new experience entirely. You can likewise create your own story and share it with other players so that others can play it.

So, are you ready to play innumerable stories that are trending on Episode game? Don’t forget to use Episode Hack to acquire lots of Passes and Gems so that you can read your preferred stories without any delays.

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